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H. gratuliert I. zur Heirat m. G.Sax Rehearsel 177 KBpsycho familyenlarge XL 90 KBto the Kitchen 23 KBHelmut H.  120 KB inlaygunni´s feuershow

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Made for J.Fride, J. Willi Pappert, I. Bischoff, Inge,  Gundi,  Wichtel,  Udo,  P.+ R. Sündermann,  a.o. ...  allowing us  to remember ....    

Made with P.Wolbrandt, W.H., H. Hattler ... not to ignore roots  ....   

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Gunni, live mixer of Kraan Live:
Hi Fans .. This one is not only a Live & Rehearsal - Recording from very early tunes 68 -75. ! -

This is a sound Picture , with  33 tunes / recordings, more than 2 h. music and snapshots, with Kraan and  all voices of wintrup - a place and a house in the Teutoburger forest - brought  to you by Gunni - Jamsessions, unreleased Kraan and old material, from Weidegut Wintrup,  but also  Live On Stage ..." . Never been recorded on any  KRAAN album!  Sound quality o.k. for the fans ...   visualized  ...
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“Das Geld, das wir mühsam eingenommen haben, war unser
gemeinsames Eigentum. Musikalisch ging es um den Anspruch, anders zu klingen als andere Bands. Das Zauberwort ist Authentizität. Natürlich haben auch Drogen eine Rolle gespielt. Wir haben Stunden und Tage am Stück durchgespielt. Das waren Sessions die kann man sich heute gar nicht mehr vorstellen, nächtelang. Dadurch hat sich etwas ganz Eigenes entwickelt, einfach durch das Tun und nicht dadurch, dass wir einen Plan gemacht hätten ...” H.H

" 2006 Real Wintrup' available again  by Gunni Heidler and a new version this time as mp3 - I think. As 'The  leading Kraan source' I would feel funny NOT to mention this, on the other hand i will add: This is not a legit release, it is not sanctioned by Hellmut Hattler, the other Kraans, and especially not at all by Walter Holzbauer, so Gunni Heidler is not allowed to SELL it .BUT if you can trade music with Gunni, swap music, etc. then you won't step on Kraans toes. I have the older version (mp2 not mp3), myself, and its both fun and interesting, a timedocument. But I think its mostly a fan thing. Why Gunni doesnt try to make it a legit release is beyond me." ...

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                  Real Wintrup Sample Play >>>  3.4 MB
                        "Don´t ask" Wintrup. Session m. Alto 4:35min

This piece of Art is unfortunately for purchase !

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The  CD in mixmode Audio/mp3/Video . . , soundPictures , one is called The Kraan Arche, recorded mostly before 1974, second is called Real Wintrup, recorded in 1974/75/76.
A true and real view, close to that past ....